Pa'a Ka Waha, Hana Me Ka Lima

Kailua Canoe Club COVID-19 Update (AUGUST 13, 2020)


Aloha mai kākou,


Our journey through the 2020 COVID-19 situation has had a profound impact on all of our daily lives, and the recent spikes of diagnosed cases in Hawai‘i have prompted an even greater suspension of paddling activities statewide.  Based on new guidelines from OHCRA (our O‘ahu association), HCRA (our overall Statewide association), and state and government agencies, all organized paddling activities or races have been suspended or canceled.  The 2020 regatta season and long distance season races were all canceled, and all organized club practices have been suspended until further notice.


All use of Kailua Canoe Club’s equipment is still not allowed until further notice.


The board of directors is discussing options for activities in the future that will provide opportunities for our paddling family, and we will keep you notified as the current COVID climate allows us to be together again.


Please stay safe and healthy, support each other, be kind, and know that we will be together on the water again as soon as we are able.


The KCC Board of Directors



As Kailua Canoe Club prepares for the 2020 season, we are embraced with reflection on an important ōlelo noʻeau, or proverb - ka wā ma mua, ka wā ma hope - the time in front is the time behind.  This narrative emphasizes the importance of our history and how the lessons we've learned over the years can be applied to our success as we move forward.  Since our beginnings within the Kailua Hawaiian Civic Club, and then our formal founding and first season as Kailua Canoe Club in 1972, our purpose has always been to represent and perpetuate the rich canoe history of Kailua and to create an atmosphere of family, learning, and passion which our founding members instilled upon us through the years. This historical reflection brings us to a remembrance of club founder Cliff Ornellas who recently passed during this last offseason. Uncle Cliff set a foundation of pride for our community and the area we paddle in, while being competitive, yet humble.  These values hold true within our Club ‘til this day and it is an important lesson for us to embrace as we move into the new paddling season and beyond into the future.  Uncle Cliff, you will be missed, but your spirit lives on within each of us at Kailua Canoe Club.


As always, Kailua Canoe Club strives to be a model community organization and continues to look for ways to providing for the best experiences in canoe paddling, ocean education, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.  We hope that current members continue to express their ideas and enthusiasm and those looking to join feel welcomed by our commitment to our values and history.  We look forward to meeting new faces, welcoming back old friends, and perpetuating the vision of our founding members this upcoming season.  See you on the water.


Me ka ha‘aha‘a,


Brad Kaaleleo Wong


Welcome from KCC’s Head Coach derek kahale


Aloha Paddlers


Welcome to the 2020 paddling season! My name is Derek Kahale and I am grateful and excited to be continuing on as Head Coach for the upcoming season. I am following in the footsteps of some great coaches and will continue to follow in the rich traditions of our club. I look forward to seeing familiar and new faces for this new year. Last season went by too quickly.. as with any season the best part is time spent with special people, all focused and committed toward achieving a common goal. Now we begin a new season and will build upon the strong foundation of our youth program, expand on the successes of our adult program, and dedicate ourselves to fostering open and clear communication. The coaching staff will be looking forward to working with all of you by showing their passion and cultural aspects of outrigger canoe paddling which we all hold dear to our hearts.


Thank you and Aloha,


Derek Kahale





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