Pa'a Ka Waha, Hana Me Ka Lima



Welina me ke aloha, welcome to the 2019 Kailua Canoe Club paddling season.  First of all, I want to thank everyone for allowing me to continue to serve KCC as Board President, I am incredibly humbled to have this opportunity to lead our ʻohana and shape our Club.  During this time, I look forward to continuing the work with the Club Board of Directors to create opportunities for this club to kūlia i ka nuʻu, or strive for excellence, and to continue to shape our youth and community.  Here is a little bit about myself:  I have lived in Kailua my entire life and have been paddling for this club for the last 21 years (since I was 12 years old).  Growing up with this club, I have always admired the family atmosphere and strong leadership that has led us to be one of the largest and consistently competitive canoe clubs in this paeʻāina.


Kailua is a very special place for me, and this Club has provided me with many opportunities to grow as a person and to have many memorable experiences.  I promise you that I will do my best to create and support these same experiences for all you paddlers and families that contribute to our ʻohana.  I look forward to meeting new faces, welcoming back old friends, and perpetuating the vision of our founding members.  I hope to paddle with you all soon.


Me ka haʻahaʻa,




Welcome from KCC’s Head Coach derek kahale


Aloha Paddlers


Welcome to the 2019 paddling season! My name is Derek Kahale and I am grateful and excited to be taking on the role of Head Coach for the upcoming season. I am following in the footsteps of some great coaches and will continue to follow in the rich traditions of our club. I look forward to seeing familiar and new faces for this new year. Last season went by too quickly.. as with any season the best part is time spent with special people, all focused and committed toward achieving a common goal. Now we begin a new season and will build upon the strong foundation of our youth program, expand on the successes of our adult program, and dedicate ourselves to fostering open and clear communication. The coaching staff will be looking forward to working with all of you by showing their passion and cultural aspects of outrigger canoe paddling which we all hold dear to our hearts.


Thank you and Aloha,


Derek Kahale



Kailua Canoe Club

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Kailua, HI 96734

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