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KCC/UH Scholarship

Scholarship for graduating Seniors

This scholarship has been created for graduating High School seniors who paddle for Kailua Canoe Club.

  • An independent panel of community members will review applicants
  • Preference will be given to WCC students
  • The scholarship(s) are designed to assist with books/fees per semester, and are renewable for semester 2.
  • The scholarships are valued at a minimum of $300.
  • The quantity and value of scholarships are dependent on Fish Fry results


  • Applicants must be officially registered with Kailua Canoe Club
  • Applicants must have a high school cumulative GPA* of 2.5
  • Selected applicants must show valid UH System site tuition and fees payment receipt once registered (minimum 12 units)


Deadline to apply is July 2, 2013.

How to Apply

  1. Create a file (Microsoft Word etc.) and provide responses for the following:
    • A brief (2 paragraph) biography
    • High School Cumulative Grade Point Average (2.5 minimum)
    • High School Extra Curricular and/or Co-Curricular Activities
    • High School, Community, or Kailua Canoe Club Community Service Projects
    • Number of years paddling for Kailua Canoe Club
    • What experiences have you had as part of Kailua Canoe Club
    • What goals do you have for college
  2. Email Application Responses to Don Weir.
  3. Download Form
    • Print your name and sign the application form
    • Have your coach sign the form
  4. Mail Signed Application Form to:

Kailua Canoe Club Scholarship
attn: Don Weir
P.O. Box 177
Kailua, HI 96734

Winner(s) to be announced at the KCC Banquet on August 11, 2013.