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Victorious. renamed in 1965 after James Kalanakila Trask (originally Hilo Girl)

Lanakila Mau O Ka Lokahi
The unity of Kailua’s two koa canoes.


Kekauʻilani Kalama – Bradley Lightning
Named after Auntie Lani Kalama, spiritual leader of Kailua Canoe Club in the past (Kamoa Kalama’s mom).

Kaulana Pākui o Kaʻelepulu – Bradley Lightning
The Kaʻelepulu area where we train because of the funds we received for purchase of the canoe by caring for the area. Pākui, who in ancient times was the caretaker of the fishponds of Kaʻelepulu and Kawanui Marsh. Lit trans: Famous is Pākui of Kaʻelepulu.

Alika – Mirage
Alexander Carter, father of Dayton Carter who is a supporter of Kailua Canoe Club.

Kaʻehukai – Mirage
The red spray off a wave produced by the wind and the setting sun.

Hinahinakukahakai – Mirage
Strength of the ocean.

Lauhoe – Mirage
To paddle with great strength & purpose (original fireman’s)

Makaʻala ʻElua – Mirage
To be alert, vigilant, watchful, wide awake the 2nd.

Hoʻoulu – Mirage
To grow, sprout, propagate, to cause to increase as the surf.

Kikaha – Bradley
The canoe using the power of the ocean.

– Bradley
To glide.

Haʻaheo – Force Five
Pride, Proud

Lopaka – Class Racer
Bob Cates, prominent figure of Kailua Canoe Club in the past, head coach.

Uhane O Kailua – Class Racer
Spirit of Kailua.

Kawailoa – Class Racer
The big water, named after the area of Kailua Canoe Club’s site.

Moku Ka Pawa – Class Racer
First light of dawn over Molokai.

Manu Kai – Class Racer
Seabird, always returning to land.

Poʻokela – Malia
Superior, Best, Champion

Malama i lani – Malia
George K. Malama in heaven, prominent figure of Kailua Canoe Club in the past.

Malama ʻElua – Malia
George K. Malama the 2nd.

Koʻo Keoki – Malia
George Hayman, prominent figure of Kailua Canoe Club in the beginning, repaired koa canoes.

Ami – Malia
Wiggle through the water.

Lono – oc-3
Bennie Heen, prominent figure of Kailua Canoe Club in the past, head coach.

These definitions are correct to the best of our knowledge. Any discrepancies were unintentional.
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