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Thank you for choosing Kailua Canoe Club!

No experience necessary.  We love to teach people how to paddle!


We appreciate your confidence in us and are committed to providing quality paddling education and coaching for your child.  Traditionally, our kids have been the foundation and strength of our club.  This year we expect a strong turnout in our youth division.  We are looking forward to a fun and competitive year!


Most crews paddle three days a week and one day on the weekend.
Training will consist of paddling in the canoe and outside activities such as body weight exercises, running and swimming.  We also hope to expose our paddlers to other ocean related activities.


It is essential that your child know how to swim
and feel comfortable in the ocean. Coaches will be giving a swim test, and if you have any concerns about your child’s comfort level in the water, please let us know.


We are committed to supporting our young watermen and women.
In fact, this year we are excited to be offering College Scholarships Programs for our graduating seniors.  There are several scholarships programs available, including KCC dues for those with financial hardship, so please check the website and bulletin board for information.


Paddlers will be supervised
to the best of the coach’s ability during every scheduled practice time.  Keep in mind that all of our coaches are volunteers.  Most have full time jobs and many are paddlers themselves.  While older children might walk, bike or drive to practice, if you have a young child, please check to make sure the coach is there before you drop your child off, and pick them up promptly after practice.


We have a few practice paddles available,
but paddlers who wish to commit to the season will need to have their own paddle as soon as possible.  Reasonably priced  ($50-$100) paddles are available through Derek Kahale.  Brand name paddles like Kialoa are available at local paddle shops – Outrigger Connection (261-8424), Twogood Kayaks (262-5656), and Island Paddler (262-4866).  You can purchase a custom paddle from canoe builder Bob Puakea (247-1428) or even purchase a used paddle on Craigslist or from older paddlers.   Paddle shops usually offer a discount to Kailua Canoe Club members.


Paddlers are expected to attend each race.  (click here for race schedule)
Please communicate with your child’s coach well in advance if you will be traveling or unable to attend a race or practice for any period of time this summer.  Race crews are chosen on the basis of attitude, ability and attendanceEvery effort will be made to race each participating paddler.  However, in some cases where crews are large, or a paddler misses many practices, some team members may not race this season.  Coaches will do their best to see that each person in the crew is valued and included in all practices and activities, whether they make the race crew or not.


This year, we will be traveling to Hilo for the State Championship. 
This is exciting, but presents some logistical challenges.  Stay tuned for more information about  “States”.


Parent attendance to all races supports their child’s crew and the club. 
Parents will be expected to provide transportation for their child to each event.  Coaches or team mates may provide a ride, but arrangements will have to be made by the parents.   At club events, coaches will do their best to look out for their crews, however they are not expected to supervise their team all day at regattas or at club events.


We would love to have our KCC parents share their special talents or interests.
Please see the registration team or our website to sign up for our Laulima program.  The primary fund raising contribution we ask of our parents is to organize and run KCC’s food booth at our Kamehameha Day Regatta on June 14th.  It takes many hands for our club to be successful.  We appreciate your help!


Please be sure that your child has completed their paperwork and paid their dues for the season prior to May 15th.  Even though you are registered to paddle for Kailua Canoe Club, we still must register your child with the Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association (OHCRA).


To complete your paperwork:

1. Print and sign waivers and registration forms

2. Pay Dues

3. Provide us a birth certificate or passport to copy (at the site or in the lock box)

4. Have a photo taken of your child for the OHCRA registration


We are looking forward to a successful and fun 2015 paddling season!


Hank Leandro
KCC Head Coach